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Dear Customer,

                The Comanche City Council recently amended the city ordinance regarding the collection of brush. This is a free program that we offer that many cities do not. Unfortunately, many people have began to misuse the program by bringing brush in and dumping it from out of town and residents placing large quantities in piles that prevent us from removing the brush by hand. We are not permitted by DEQ to burn yard waste so it must be chipped. Brush too large for the chipper and piles too large to handle create a problem for city workers and become a blight on our community. The revised ordinance includes the following:


If the resident or property owner trim trees or hedges themselves, they can request a collection once a month without charge. If they hire anyone (general contractor, handyman service, lawn service, roofer, tree trimmer, etc.) the City will not pick up the brush. Free yard waste collections cannot exceed 1 ½ cubic yards. Any piles in excess of 1 ½ cubic yards will be subject to a fee of $50 for each additional yard. A pile of 1 ½ cubic yards is: 4 feet long, 3 feet wide, and 3 feet high. The ordinance requires all material not to exceed 6 inches in diameter and 4 feet in length and must be free of wire, nails, screws, plastic bags, or other foreign objects. Yard waste should be stacked neatly and be accessible by city crews for hand removal. The city will not be responsible for the removal of twigs or leaves left after the collection of bulk yard waste piles. Yard waste shall be placed directly adjacent and parallel with the street (along the edge of the street), with no limbs, branches, or other pieces of the yard waste resting on or overhanging the curb or street edge. Yard waste shall be placed without blocking drainage ditches, sidewalks, or obstructing the view of pedestrians, cyclists, or vehicles. Yard waste cannot be placed with 10 feet of a fire hydrant, gas meter, water meter, sewer manhole cover, telephone pedestal, or any other obstruction that would hinder collection or a utility service. There shall be no importation of yard waste from other properties for the purpose of collection by the City. Importation of waste from other properties or outside city limits will constitute illegal dumping and will carry applicable fines and penalties.
Once wooden yard waste has been placed at the curb or street edge, the property owner/resident shall request a yard waste collection from the Street Department within 72 hours of placement. If you have any questions or need to schedule a pickup, please contact City Hall at 580-439-8832.


Any pile of yard waste that does not meet the guidelines listed in this section should be removed by the property owner. They can be hauled to the transfer station at no charge with a copy of your city bill. Any yard waste remaining on site for longer than ten (10) days is subject to a nuisance violation in accordance with Chapter 14 of this ordinance.





Chuck Ralls

City Manager